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Scented body spray may be easily made out of your scented body lotion so no need to buy two separate beauty products. The consistency is really crumbly, but it still works great even with my screw up. I'm ordering the correct bentonite clay and will make it again. While buying natural deodorant, see whether you can get Tom's Natural Deodorant, Natural Crystal Deodorant or a Natural Deodorant Spray. If you're into home-made deodorant, you may also be interested in this article I found on making your own shampoo - also with baking soda. As much as I love coconut oil, I like to try to leave it out of my homemade beauty products because it solidifies at around 76ºF.

If you are hoping to use something other than tea tree oil or lavender, I would suggest Niaouli or Eucalyptus. In fact, I have far less underarm wetness and odor since washing with the soda water. Such labels shouldn't be a deciding factor when selecting an oil and they do not mean that an essential oil is lesser in value or quality.

I double the recipe and I double the amount of baking soda when I make it and I store this in small sized mason style jars for easy application after I shower. This deodorant won't have the same antiperspirant properties that some deodorants have, but it will keep you smelling good all day with only minimal use.

Cook grits according to package directions with 1/2 teaspoon baking powder added to the water. Homemade perfume is something that is within all our reach of doing as it does not require a long list of ingredients. The baking soda was too strong for me so I've been melting it down and trying to get it to a point where it doesn't burn my pits. Definitely try putting it in the fridge…the cold will help the coconut oil solidify. Well, forgot to mention that the oil mix I recommended above should be applied prior to shampooing.

The dermatologist told me to immediately discontinue the use of the deodorant and put me on a string of meds and salves. I now make it with soda:arrowroot:coconut oil in the ratio of 1:3:2. I also apply a little neat coconut oil to the armpits before applying the deodorant. I find this really eliminates any irritation. Some people don't have such sensitive skin like me and baking soda doesn't bother their skin.

I've also tried Tom's, and while it smelled delicious, I had similar issues with it as I did with coconut oil-just not effective enough. Many of these can be made into solids with the addition of beeswax, as well, melted into the coconut oil or shea butter, whatever you use. I had this post at Passionate Homemaking bookmarked since December, but I didn't have bulk coconut oil until I figured out how to use it in my kitchen. Unfortunately, it is literally pointless to use probiotics since the coconut oil will completely neutralize all the bacteria, good and bad in the probiotics.

There is also fractionated which is used as a massage oil and is the purest form of coconut oil. Baking soda can be harsh on your arm pits, you may want to experiment with a reduced amount. I actually had to detox my armpits but since then I never looked back.. I still do not need to use antiperspirant and I can even skip a day without deodorant in the summer. Iuse a very similar recipe for my natural deo but as it's summer now, I am sorry i didn't add beeswax in my most recent batch!

The first time I made my own homemade deodorant I'm pretty sure I laughed then, too. The Shea butter is cheap on If you take your time you can get several pounds of it for about $7. I made a batch and let friends try it. I think I will soon have lots of people converted to DIY deodorant. I made the recipe that is up above however i don't really like the scent, I was wondering if anybody knew how I could make the deodorant a smell better but still have a manly scent. I've never tried it with just Shea butter, so I don't know how to make Deodorant spray it would turn out. This deodorant can last up to 48 hours and is perfect for people who need some extra protection. Not only do I not have razor rash from shaving (I'm assuming from the shea butter) but I don't smell anymore, and the sweating hasn't been as bad.

Everyone is worried about the breast cancer risk tentatively associated with deodorant use. Coconut oil melts at 76°, so if your home is pretty warm, you will need to refrigerate it to keep it solid. For years, I've combined coconut oil with arrow root, tea tree oil, and baking soda to make my own deodorant.


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